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‘Cartooning for Peace’ provides guidebook to protect cartoonists

Practical guide for the protection of editorial cartoonists

Perhaps a colleague is in trouble and you can help them in some way... Do it! You never know when the next person needing help will be you. Because, as we’ve seen in recent times, even the best-known cartoonists are not exempt from being incriminated, threatened, fired, persecuted or even killed.

Pedro X. Molina, cartoonist

Despite it all, we should not forget that the fight is good-humored. And our job remains the best in the world!

Patrick Chappatte, cartoonist

About the project

With funding provided by the European Union, Cartooning for Peace has published a guide for the protection of editorial cartoonists. The guide combines tips for risk prevention, as well as advice on what to do in case of a threat.