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International Partnerships

Angola is a lower middle income country in Southern Africa, currently undergoing a political transition. Since the change of leader in 2017, a new impulse for change is happening, with a political will to distribute resources more equally.


    Our priorities

    The EU’s cooperation with Angola is currently focusing on 3 priorities:

    • State capacity building – To foster Angola’s long-term stability, we promote good governance, democracy, and the rule of law, including anti-corruption measures, better resource planning and use, and a dialogue on human rights.
    • Job creation – To build a viable future for Angola’s youth, we support actions that boost job creation and encourage regional economic integration and enhanced trade and investment relations with Europe.
    • Economic diversification – We support the steps taken by the Angolan government to transform its economy and make it more resilient and diverse, to overcome its dependency on oil revenues.

    Our programmes

    Bilateral cooperation

    In 2012, the EU and Angola signed the Joint way forward (JWF) to intensify their cooperation and in 2016, 4 priorities were agreed on:

    • peace and security
    • good governance and human resources
    • economic cooperation and trade
    • energy

    Our national indicative programme (NIP) under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) for the period 2014-2020 for Angola is in line with the country’s national development plan and complementing national/sectoral strategies. The 11th EDF NIP focuses on 3 sectors:

    • sustainable agriculture
    • economic governance and private sector development
    • technical/vocational training and higher education

    Regional cooperation

    Angola is part of the group of Portuguese-speaking African countries and Timor Leste (PALOP-TL group). As such, it benefits from funding allocated to this programme, notably in the fields of governance, culture, and capacity building.

    Under the SADC and the EU regional indicative programme for Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, and the Indian Ocean (2014-2020), the country benefits from regional funding programmes notably in sectors like, peace and security, regional stability, regional economic integration, natural resources management, migration, wildlife protection, river management, maritime security etc.

    Thematic cooperation

    Under the European instrument for democracy and human rights, we support civil society organisations acting for enhanced access to justice, civic education, good governance, and gender equality.

    Angola also benefits from technical assistance under the Sustainable energy for all (SE4ALL) initiative, to establish a framework for a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the development of renewable energy projects in the country.


    Multiannual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 for Angola - annex
    (1.18 MB - PDF)
    2014-2020 National Indicative Programme for Angola
    (1.7 MB - PDF)
    RIP Eastern, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean
    (6.98 MB - PDF)