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International Partnerships

Following more than two decades of civil war and absence of state control, Somalia is on a path to emerge from fragility and has embarked on a political reconstruction process.

The government faces a range of state building challenges, not only on security but also on developing a viable system of federal government, adequately resourcing the core functions of the state, reducing corruption, fostering growth and investing in longer term recovery.


Our priorities

The main objective of EU development cooperation with Somalia is to rebuild the state, improve security and stability and reduce poverty.

The EU and its member countries have been leading actors in supporting Somalia’s recovery and stabilisation.

Our impact

The EU has been a key contributor to the development of core state functions:

  • Federal and regional administrations have prepared an impressive number of key legislation and policies.
  • Financial governance has improved considerably at the level of budget planning, procurement and payment processing.
  • Reengagement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has laid the ground for debt relief.

In education, since 2013 primary, secondary and vocational training opportunities have been expanded with a particular focus on newly liberated areas. Recent key achievements are the standardised national exams for secondary students and the Somali-owned curriculum.


Multiannual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 for Somalia – annex
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Annual action plan 2021 for Somalia
(1.08 MB - ZIP)
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National Indicative Programme for Federal Republic of Somalia 2014 to 2020
(4.39 MB - PDF)
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