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Parcerias Internacionais

Our policy areas

The EU addresses global challenges through international partnerships that uphold and promote European values and interests, and contribute to peace and prosperity in the world.

Countries and regions

The EU defines specific policy areas and objectives with each partner country and each region.


The EU defines its medium and long-term international cooperation priorities through the programming process.

Funding opportunities

The EU provides funding in the form of grants to support projects and organisations in achieving their development objectives.

Funding instruments

The EU is the largest development cooperation donor in the world. We provide funding in many different fields and through different methods depending on the needs and objectives of our partner countries.

Latest news


Stand with Ukraine

The EU stands united in its solidarity with Ukraine and will continue to support Ukraine and its people together with its international partners, including through additional political, financial and humanitarian support.

Africa-EU Partnership

The EU’s relationship with Africa is a key priority for the European Commission. Our vision of the future Africa-EU partnership is to work together on global trends.

EU global response to COVID-19

The European Union and its Member States, acting together as ‘Team Europe’, are taking comprehensive and decisive action to tackle the destructive impact of COVID-19.