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Mother and child saved by high quality health services in Afghanistan

Ms. Sadia and her unborn baby were saved by emergency treatment at the HealthNet TPO-run Nangarhar Regional Hospital.

Ms. Sadia is a 28-year-old Afghan woman who lives in Laghman Province. When she was 35 weeks pregnant, she fell from the roof of her house and suffered life-threatening injuries. Her back was broken and she was paralysed in both legs, putting her life and the life of her baby at risk.

Sadia was quickly rushed to Nangarhar Regional Hospital, where she received emergency treatment. Her baby was delivered through an emergency caesarean, and Sadia herself was referred to specialist doctors. After a thorough investigation, she underwent surgery on her spine. 15 days later, with support from the staff, Sadia was able to move her legs again.

Sadia and her family are grateful and relieved. “Now I can take care of my new-born baby. I hope to fully recover to continue my normal life”, Sadia said. “We are very happy and proud that the biggest operations are performed in our own Nangarhar Regional Hospital. Patients do not need to go to the neighbouring countries for the treatment”, her family members said.

Sadia and her baby

Ms. Sadia with her newborn baby in Nangarhar Regional Hospital

I am thankful for the hospital team and HealthNet TPO for saving my wife and my baby’s life.


Sadia’s husband, Mr. Farooq, said, “We congratulate this biggest achievement to Nangarhar Regional Hospital team, HealthNet TPO, the donors and government. I am thankful to them for saving my wife and my baby’s life.”

Surgeons at Nangarhar Regional Hospital

Neurosurgery team is performing spine surgery for Ms. Sadia in Nangarhar Regional Hospital

About the project

Afghanistan Sehatmandi Project is co-funded by the European Union and the World Bank as part of the support to the government towards improving health services

HealthNet TPO runs Nangarhar Regional Hospital as part of Sehatmandi project. It is a hospital located in Nangarhar province with a capacity for over 600 patients. As well as providing essential health care to the region, Nangarhar Regional Hospital also provides high quality, specialist and patient-centred services to provinces in the East of Afghanistan, including Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nooristan provinces.