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Returning migrants participating in decision-making back home

I experienced three counts of sexual harassment there. My first meal in the morning was at 3pm.

Novelita, Former Overseas Domestic Worker

The vulnerabilities are high, and the cases of abuse are being repeatedly reported.

Rex Marlo Varona, National Project Coordinator for the Safe and Fair Programme, ILO

Governance is of major importance and this is really what is going to determine the outcome of migration for society and of course for the migrants themselves.

Cécile Riallant, Head of Migration and the Sustainable Development Unit, IOM

About the project

This story is part of a series collated under the Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) initiative led by IOM and funded by the EU. The series gathers examples of effective migration mainstreaming in different development sectors.

The MMICD initiative, implemented by IOM and funded by the EU, aims to strengthen the process of integrating migration into international cooperation and development policy.

The programme that is highlighted in this MMICD video as an example of integrating migration into governance programmes is the Safe and Fair Programme as part of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative. Safe and Fair is implemented through a partnership between the ILO and UN Women, in collaboration with UNODC.