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International Partnerships

Water for Food Security in Uzbekistan

Food security is a top priority for Uzbekistan, while agriculture also plays a critical role in the country’s economic development. The government has called for rural populations to actively sow and grow agricultural products in their household plots. A sustainable water supply has been essential for ensuring the population’s food security, while also making sure their agriculture remains economically profitable.

Kadriyat is one of the seven selected pilot communities for the ‘Technical Capacity Building’ project implemented by UNDP in close partnership with the Ministry of Water Resources in the frame of the broader EU programme for ‘Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan’. Together, project members and representatives of Kadriyat assessed mahalla's residents' access to water.

An initial assessment undertaken together with village residents has found that the main cause of the population’s difficulty in accessing irrigation water was that household plots are located above the main water source, being the Buzyap Canal. To solve this problem, it was decided that work should be undertaken to improve the canal’s condition and water level.