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Water for Food Security in Uzbekistan

The 'Technical Capacity Building’ project is implemented by UNDP in close partnership with the Ministry of Water Resources in the frame of the broader EU programme on ‘Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan’.

Winning the race for inclusion

Fati is part of a disabled group which was created to support the social inclusion of disabled women and children in Niger.

Women are transforming politics in Paraguay

The EU supported the creation and operation of the ‘Political Training School for Women Leaders of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice’ to increase women’s political participation and leadership in Paraguay.

Women change sustainable energy sector in Honduras

In Honduras, thanks to a solar energy project, financed through the EU-funded Breaking the Barriers programme, women are being provided with an income, while ensuring local communities are less reliant on cutting down trees to light their homes.

Women shape Africa’s blue food future

Fisheries and aquaculture are an expanding sector in the ACP countries. However, poor practices can put stress on the marine environment, damaging the ecosystem. The FISH4ACP programme was created to face these challenges.

Women tackling The Gambia’s waste problem

Food markets are an essential part of life in the capital region of The Gambia. They provide income for many, in particular for women. However, the markets create also tonnes of trash, especially organic waste. With the help of EU funding, the organic waste is now diverted into productive materials.