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How it works: AU-EU Summits and stakeholder dialogues

How it works: AU-EU Summits and stakeholder dialogues

The Africa-EU Partnership is driven through stakeholder dialogues at various levels, between African and European counterparts. It culminates in the AU-EU Summits which are held every 3 years and where the priorities for the next years are set.

The first Africa-EU Summit took place in 2000 in Cairo, Egypt.


Africa-EU Summits

Stakeholder Dialogues

In preparation for the AU-EU Summit that takes place triennially, representatives of EU and AU meet yearly to align their respective positions on the partnership, and ensure that the voices of the social and economic stakeholders are heard.

The stakeholder dialogues take place in different formats and bring the views and recommendations of key African and European actors together:

Specific thematic dialogues or expert meetings make an important contribution to the Partnership and include: the AU-EU Human Rights Dialogue; the High-Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP); and the Africa-EU Reference Group on Infrastructure (RGI).

The objectives of these meetings are to:

  • ensure that economic and social interest groups can make recommendations to political decision-makers
  • lay the foundations for regular and structured cooperation between the representatives of European and African economic and social interest groups
  • help consolidate and strengthen the capacities of economic and social stakeholders
  • exchange knowledge and best practice.
  • The conclusions of the economic and social stakeholders' meeting are summarised in a declaration addressing the key issues at stake and outlining proposals.

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