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International Partnerships

Where we work

West Africa

The EU and West Africa have a strong and long-standing relationship of partnership and cooperation, with the EU standing as West Africa’s primary trade partner and major donor of development aid.

East Africa

Cooperation with East Africa covers many fields and many levels of partnership to face the challenges of reducing poverty and inequalities, ensuring jobs and food security, building resilience to climate change and fighting violent extremism.

Southern Africa and Indian ocean

The EU supports the Southern African and Indian Ocean region with economic and regional integration, peace and security and management of natural resources.

Central Africa

EU cooperation in the Central African region supports political and regional integration with the objective of reducing poverty and achieve sustainable management of natural resources.


Asia is a region of economic, social and cultural diversity and the EU is cooperating on regional integration while ensuring resilience to natural disasters and development of a green economy.

Central Asia

Although Central Asia has seen a positive development in the past 10 years, the EU remains an important partner for the regions efforts towards protecting the environment and human rights.

The Middle East and the Gulf

The EU is cooperating with the countries in the Middle East and Gulf region that need help to rebuild urban areas, training for better livelihoods and investment in small and medium enterprises.

The Pacific

We support the Pacific’s efforts by building resilience to deal with their largest vulnerabilities, particularly when it comes to climate change and social inequalities.

Latin America

The EU remains Latin America’s most important development partner and continues to help the region to reduce poverty, achieve security, economic growth, and social equality and to mitigate the effects of climate change.


The EU is the Caribbean’s largest development partner, focusing on trade, growth and political partnerships.

Overseas Countries and Territories

The EU is associated to 13 Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) - The OCTs are located in the Atlantic, Antarctic, Arctic, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific regions.