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International Partnerships

Transboundary water cooperation

Water has a major role in maintaining peace and political stability across borders. Water is a prerequisite for human survival and dignityand a fundamental basis for the resilience of both societies and the environment. Water is vital for human nutrition and health, and essential for ecosystem management, agriculture, energy and overall planetary security.

The EU Water Diplomacy initiative, launched in 2013, has contributed to a more coherent and effective EU foreign policy engagement in conflict prevention, focusing on trans-boundary basins such as the Nile, but also in Central Asia, Mekong and Middle East.

A key objective of EU water diplomacy is to engage for the long term in fostering cooperative approaches to address the transboundary challenges of water. Good examples of such cooperation already exist in the Mediterranean basin and in Latin America. Cooperation on shared water resources is vital to securing lasting peace and sustainable development.


International dialogue

Constructive dialogue on water and energy issues in Central Asia, have led to initial agreements, as well as the EU-Central Asia Platform for Environment and Water Cooperation.

The EU welcomes the global opening of the Helsinki Water Convention to countries outside the pan-European region and will continue to build on the positive outreach conducted in 2018 by further promoting and supporting new accessions to this Convention.