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Team Europe Initiatives

Team Europe Initiatives (‘TEIs’) focus on identifying critical priorities that constrain development in a given country or region, where a coordinated and coherent effort by ‘Team Europe’ would ensure results with a transformative impact.

They are a practical illustration of how EU priorities are turned into concrete results on the ground. 

What is Team Europe?

This 'Team Europe approach' means joining forces so that our joint external action becomes more than the sum of its parts. By working together and pooling our resources and expertise, we deliver more effectiveness and greater impact.

Team Europe consists of the European Union, EU Member States — including their implementing agencies and public development banks — as well as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Team Europe was initially put in place to ensure a co-ordinated and comprehensive response between the EU and its Member States to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.

The new approach has quickly become the backbone of Global Europe (the main financial tool for EU international cooperation from 2021 to 2027) and its programming. It notably includes the conception of Team Europe Initiatives, which are the flagships of the Team Europe approach.

Fundamental to all is a renewed and reenergised EU ambition to ‘work better together’, as originally outlined in the 2017 European Consensus for Development.

A groundbreaking approach

Never before have key European development actors joined forces in such a coordinated and committed way to combine resources and expertise. The scale of the initiatives, with more than 150 TEIs being prepared across the world (see overview below), is also unprecedented.

Team Europe Initiatives focus on common objectives at the most appropriate level of action, be it country, multi-country or regional level.

They are open to all participants of Team Europe who are interested in working together on the design, financing and implementation of action to make the best use of European expertise and resources.

TEIs also bring together the best possible mix of tools, modalities and partners (e.g. CSOs and private sector) to deliver the intended impact.

Overview of Team Europe Initiatives

The Team Europe Initiative and Joint Programming tracker offers an overview of TEIs and joint programming. 

The tracker shows information on the TEIs and joint programming process being pursued for each country, as well as participating Team Europe members and other supporting documents. There is also aggregated information on TEIs by region.

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