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International Partnerships

Mid-Term Review of the Deepening Decentralisation and Non State Actors Programme (2015)

This Mid-Term Review assessed the Deepening Decentralisation and Non-State Actors Programme on various aspects, including alignment with national plans, addressing local needs, intervention logic, delivery modalities, and strategic approach.


EvalRef 2015-M-1028, Evaluation contract C-358789, Evaluated references C-283774, D-21445
Publication date
18 May 2015
Directorate-General for International Partnerships


The MTR team analysed, with regards to the "Deepening decentralisation and non state actors programme":


  • Internal and external consistency and coherence of planned activities with national development plans and donor interventions;
  • How previous lessons learnt influenced programme formulation;
  • Objectives of the DDNSP and extend to which the programme addresses local needs and priorities of beneficiaries;
  • Appropriateness of the intervention logic for the expected outcomes.
  • Choice of the particular delivery modalities for successful delivery of the programme;
  • Appropriateness of the strategic approach.

According to OECD DAC Evaluation criteria, relevance is measured analysing how the objectives of the development intervention are consistent with the initial requirements, including country development needs, global priorities and partners' and EC's policies. The analysis of relevance specifically refers to the design phase of the program and how the lessons learnt from experiences have been taken into account for sustainability issues in this Programme.


18 MAY 2015
Mid-Term Review of the Deepening Decentralisation and Non State Actors Programme (2015)