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International Partnerships

Year 1 evaluation of TVET III Project in Pakistan (2018)

This assignment evaluates past project performance, aiming to improve future actions by identifying lessons and recommending enhancements. It emphasizes timely corrective measures to ensure effective project management.


EvalRef 2018-M-947, Evaluation contract C-395275, Evaluated references C-380295
Publication date
6 August 2018
Directorate-General for International Partnerships


To support the government efforts to address issues in the TVET sectir in Pakistan, the European Union (EU) among other donors has been playing an active role since 2011. The 2nd phase (TVET-II) completed in 2016 had initiated TVET reform agenda such as supporting development of TVET Policy, national vocational qualifications framework (NVQF), accreditation and capacity development of federal and provincial TVET authorities. Sector’s dynamic and complex nature required enduring efforts for sustaining systems developed. Encouraged by the success in the past and lessons learned, EU has continued its support to the government through the project entitled ‘Support to the Technical Education and Vocational Training Sector in Pakistan’ Project also known as TVET-III.  GIZ is entrusted with the implementation responsibility of TVET III as well which is under operation since January 2017. In order to evaluate its Year One operations (January 2017 to March 2018), EU commissioned an evaluation mission.

The main objectives of this assignment were to:

  • Carry out an overall assessment of the past performance of the project under reference, paying particular attention to its intermediate results measured against its objectives; and
  • Document key lessons and make recommendations in order to improve current and future actions.


6 AUGUST 2018
Year 1 evaluation of TVET III Project in Pakistan (2018)