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Report | | Youth Sounding Board

The report, 'Meaningful Inclusion of Youth: A Promising Future' was prepared by the Youth Sounding Board for EU International Partnerships from October to December 2021, based on their consultations in the context of the upcoming Youth Action Plan in EU external action.

General guidelines | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

The EU legislative proposal on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence calls for the development of accompanying measures to support its successful implementation and avoid unintended consequences for suppliers and producer groups in exporting countries.

Factsheet | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

The Global Gateway Africa – Europe Investment Package aims to support Africa for a strong, inclusive, green and digital recovery and transformation by accelerating the green and digital transitions, and sustainable growth and decent job creation; strengthening health systems; and Improving education

Evaluation | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

This country evaluation covers the EU cooperation with Angola for the period 2008-2020, by assessing areas such as policy dialogue, capacity development, economic diversification, agricultural development and civil society.

Evaluation | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

This country evaluation reviews EU budget support operations in the areas of education, social protection and Public Financial Management, and electoral reform. Blending operations reviewed by the evaluation are related to the energy and water sectors.

Evaluation | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

This country evaluation focuses on the cooperation of the EU with the Central African Republic, structured around the areas of economic governance, public administration, justice, democratic governance, security, education, health, rural resilience, job creation, and natural resources management.

Evaluation | | Rahvusvahelise partnerluse peadirektoraat

This thematic evaluation examines the State Building Contracts designed and implemented globally by the EU during the period 2012-2018. In total 42 programmes are assessed across 23 countries, the majority of which in West and Central Africa.