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International Partnerships

European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus

Open Architecture Guarantees

The €13 billion EFSD+ Open Architecture Guarantees allow investors to finance projects in more challenging markets by assuming the risks of more unstable environments while avoiding market distortions. They are offered on favourable and highly competitive terms in support of our partner countries to achieve the SDGs.

Explore the Open Architecture Guarantees in the list below. More guarantees are underway to reach a total of 40 by the end of 2024. We encourage private investors to get involved by getting in touch with the implementing partners using the provided contact information.

Overview of EFSD+ Open Architecture Guarantees

This €750 million guarantee with the European Investment Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to strengthen health systems and to improve access to health technologies. Private investors have the chance to confidently invest into health projects which promote universal health coverage.

Global Gateway Forum: EU and Finnfund launch the Africa Connected Programme to mobilise more than €1 billion of sustainable investments in digital infrastructure

Finnfund’s Africa Connected aims to mobilise investments into digital infrastructure providers and digital platform businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Benefits include increased employment, efficiency and productivity, as well as contributions to closing the digital and gender divide.

The initiative with KfW will increase economic resilience in Africa by enhancing access to long-term financing in local currency for African businesses which is crucial for promoting development in key sectors such as affordable housing, renewable energy, agriculture, health and education.

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The CITYRIZ guarantee with Agence Française de Développement will enable local governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to undertake investments in sustainable public infrastructures and urban planning, essential for social basic services and local development.

Digital entrepreneur

FISEA Plus aims at accelerating the pace of fundraising by private equity funds by offering catalytic capital in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the southern Neighbourhood. The facility set up by AFD focuses on MSME, social and solidarity-based enterprises, start-ups specialising in digital innovation.

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The MSME Platform guarantee managed by the European Development Finance Institutions Management Company aims to mobilise investments in micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises globally, supporting a strong economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and the European Neighbourhood.

European Investment Bank Dedicated Guarantees

The EU is providing €26.7 billion in guarantee capacity to back the European Investment Bank’s investments outside the EU in sectors such as clean energy, green infrastructure and health. Thanks to the guarantees EIB will contribute to Global Gateway investments in partner countries where sovereign and other public sector risks are still a major bottleneck.

Visit the EIB Global website for an overview of all EIB projects.


Where projects have a public value-added that is not monetarised and that guarantees cannot address, the EU will use EFSD+ blending facilities. These facilities use grants and loans to support non-bankable investment projects in EU partner countries while enhancing their sustainability, climate-proofing and development impact. Combining EU financial support with loans or equity from public and private financiers, blending can be used in a strategic way to attract additional financing.

Overview of board approved INTPA blending operations

International Partnerships Annual Report with Blending Chapters

Operational reports of the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD) including blending in Sub-Saharan Africa

Operational reports of the Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) and the Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF)

Operational reports of the Investment Facility for Central Asia (IFCA), the Asia Investment Facility (AIF) and the Investment Facility for the Pacific (IFP)