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International Partnerships

Looking for funding

Are you a non-profit organisation or a company working in the development field? Organisations or natural persons are selected, on a competitive basis, to implement projects aligned to EU policy objectives. We have identified innovative ways to partner with non-governmental organisations, experts, partner countries, implementing partners, international organisations, contractors and others to bolster the impact of development results.

We offer public contracts, budget support and sector support. We provide funding in the form of grants to support projects and organisations achieve development objectives. We also offer various types of support to partner countries.

Through calls for proposals, we grant financial donations to development organisations leading projects or operations in line with our external action objectives.

Through calls for tenders, we award procurement contracts when we need to purchase services, supplies or works, in the context of external action.

Horizontal framework contracts are put in place to facilitate the implementation of the international partnerships.


Access technical guides, video tutorials and all the information you need to locate a call, manage a contract, monitor interventions and more in the EXACT Wiki.

The Practical Guide to contracting procedures for EU external aid contracts financed by the EU general budget.

Guidance for staff of the European Union to implement procurement contracts in the context of external actions.