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International Partnerships

The EU-AFD Research facility on inequalities has wrapped up 3-years of productive work

The EU-AFD Research Facility to better understand inequalities has undertaken 23 research projects, producing 150 publications during its 3 years of implementation.

Find the final synthesis report of the research facility here and here are a selection of some of the most important studies, projects and tools produced by the facility:

City studies

Country studies

Global research projects




A new guide on addressing social and economic inequalities

To support development actors to better address in particular economic and social inequalities through the EU development cooperation,the European Commission, has published a new guide.

The guide demonstrates how European Union development cooperation can become more responsive to the challenge of reducing inequalities and is divided into three volumes

  • Volume 1presents the theoretical background and trends to understand inequality.
  • Volume 2presents 18 “Policy Briefs” on inequalities to guide the design of policies on different topics linked toinequalities, including: health, education, social protection, transport and mobility, energy, climate change, water and sanitation, land, urban development, territorial development, public finance, taxation, trade, growth, digitalisation, financial inclusion, labour and employment, governance and the rule of law, and gende
  • Volume 3presents guidelines and tools to help EU staff mainstream inequality across all operations and to assess to what extent inequality is being addressed through development cooperation.