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International Partnerships

Team Europe: supporting Latin America through the pandemic and beyond

Wherever in the world we may live, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives and our livelihoods. Its impact is truly global – and so, to defeat it, we need global solidarity and global solutions.

The European Union, its Member States and its financial institutions have joined forces as Team Europe to lead the global response to the pandemic. Our robust response sees us stand shoulder to shoulder with our partner countries in every part of the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean, to fight the pandemic and strive for a better future.

The videos you are about to watch highlight how this response is making a difference in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

In Argentina, the European Union’s institutions and Member States – working together as Team Europe – have spearheaded action on COVID-19 through flagship projects and new initiatives. This action is designed both to tackle immediate health needs and, beyond that, to address the pandemic’s longer-term social and economic impact.

In Chile, Team Europe has joined together with a number of other organisations under the Movidos por Chile platform to focus on supporting the most vulnerable communities get through the pandemic. The platform is providing over 30 thousand people across the country with food, sanitary and hygiene products. In addition, it is contributing to a solidarity fund for civil society organisations working with these communities.

In Paraguay, Team Europe has supported a project to connect remote indigenous communities in the Chaco region with the rest of the country. Now it is easier for teachers and children to access learning materials and for everyone to find out about the latest public health measures and social programmes.

Looking ahead to life after the pandemic, and driven by our shared values of cooperation, multilateralism and respect for human rights, Team Europe will continue working with its partners everywhere to help build a post-COVID world that is greener, fairer, inclusive and sustainable. A world that leaves no one behind.