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International Partnerships

Hungry for justice: Our Food, Our Future

Project campaigning in Germany
Project campaigning in Germany © Our Food, Our Future

“Our Food, Our Future” advocates for fair agricultural supply chains and sustainable food systems to combat global problems such as environmental degradation, flight and displacement. The project holds talks with politicians, collects facts and data with the help of studies, and puts public pressure on politicians and companies to change the rules and laws around how food is produced.

This project is supported by DEAR - the EU's Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme.


The project addresses food supply chains that exploit workers and exacerbate the climate crisis through the misuse of land. In solidarity with migrant workers and small holders around the globe, it stands up against environmental degradation, hunger and various forms of injustice and human rights violations. With the slogan “We are hungry for justice!”, Our Food, Our Future is fostering a youth movement through creativity, empathy, vision of change and unity.

Project activities

Thousands of young people across 12 countries are influencing national and European policies, as well as corporate decisions. They participate in listening tours, opinion polls, youth labs, social media campaigns, petitions, research, policy papers and more. Youth Labs use “See-Judge-Act” roleplays. During “Disco soup days”, participants prepare and cook leftover food in sustainable ways to the beat of music.


Our Food, Our Future is re-shaping the discourse on ethical food production, sustainable food supply chains and migrant workers’ rights. Journalists, bloggers and rising social media personalities are being mobilised to shed light on the process between the farm and the table, including the people that make this happen. Via a petition, the campaign contributed to the proposal for a strong EU-wide corporate sustainability due diligence law.

Enhancing understanding and empathy for migrants and poor farmers across the world, the youth-led #OurFoodOurFuture campaign is increasing support of EU development policies that promote more sustainable and ethical food systems.

Implementing partners

  • Austria: Südwind
  • Belgium: MIJARC Europe
  • Brazil: Repórter Brasil
  • France: Action Aid France – Peuples Solidaires
  • Germany: CIR (Christliche Initiative Romero), KLJB (Katholische Landjugendbewegung Deutschlands), Oxfam Germany and Slow Food Germany
  • Hungary: Tudatos Vásárlók Közhasznú Egyesülete
  • Italy: WeWorld-GVC
  • Poland: Buy Responsibly Foundation
  • Portugal: IMVF (Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr)
  • Romania: Mai Bine
  • Slovenia: FOCUS Association for Sustainable Development
  • South Africa: Women on Farms Project
  • Spain: ACOGE (Federación Andalucía Acoge)