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International Partnerships

Cabo Verde is currently facing an acute economic crisis due to Covid as well as the challenges of greening the economy and the development of social and gender equality.  It does so against the backdrop of a relatively well-developed green energy sector and a cohesive society which nevertheless faces significant economic and social pressures.

There has been long standing cooperation between Cabo Verde and the EU, perhaps most notably with regard to the completion of the strategic telecommunications transatlantic fibre optic link between Latin America and Europe in 2021.



Our priorities

The joint programme between the EU and Cabo Verde builds on a solid base of cooperation going back many years.  The priorities of the current cooperation programme build on this base while also addressing current challenges facing Cabo Verde’s development.  These are:

Governance for Human Development and equity: This addresses the Government’s crisis response through reducing income inequality, improving social protection, education, and the promotion of gender equality. We also aim to reinforce the sustainability of Government policy.

Green economy for decent jobs and inclusive growth – This addresses the development of green energy sources and green investment. It also concerns the further development of sustainable tourism, the blue economy and the development of the labour market and VET systems.

Our programmes

The EU will provide €24m over the period 2021-2024 to support 3 areas of activity:

Under Governance for Human Development and equity, we will support initiatives on human development, education and climate change.  These will target social protection, education and gender equality and will seek to reinforce policy dialogue in society.  Measures to support the position of women in society will be especially targeted.  In addition ongoing support to the Government in relation to economic management will be provided.

Under the development of Green economy for decent jobs and inclusive growth, we will support actions to enhance meaningful social dialogue in the area.  We will support the arrangement of suitable financing for initiatives on renewable energy production, the development of enhanced sustainable green tourism and the development of the blue economy and the protection of marine resources.

Support measures

There is a long history of collaboration between Members States and Cabo Verde in relation to green issues.  Currently 4 MS (France, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain) are involved in development under 4 pillars – green tourism, sustainable energy production, sustainable access to water and sanitation and the Blue economy.


Multiannual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 for Cabo Verde – annex
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Annual action plan 2021 for Cape Verde
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11th EDF National Indicative Programme – Cape Verde
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