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International Partnerships

Members of the Overseas Countries and Territories Youth Network


Tracy van der Biezen

Age: 25

'Advocating for migrant and refugee rights'

Leonardo Figaroa

Age: 21

'Empowering and shaping youth leaders'

Shantal Martis

Age: 24

'Passionate about social justice and inclusivity'

Alexandra Ulacio

Age: 22

'Passionate about the environment and a sustainable lifestyle'


Michélin Padmore

Age: 28

'I am curious about the economic growth/changes of the Caribbean in the future'

Mitchell de Palm

Age: 29

'Passionate about international collaboration, sustainable development and devoted to fighting for social justice'


Dayna-Marie Abdoelrahman

Age: 25

'Passionately advocating and committed to fight juvenile delinquency'

Richantely Anita

Age: 23

'Passionate about human rights'

Chelsy Gomez Hernandez

Age: 26

'Passionate about the defence of human rights, in particular women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights; committed to fighting climate change and fostering sustainable development'

Savannah Schuurbiers

Age: 23

'Committed advocate for global social justice, inclusive civic spaces and evidence-based policymaking'

French Polynesia

Kahalanie Haapa

Age: 24

'Aspiring to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies'


Niini Malu Hansen

Age: 28

'Passionate about cultural exchange and public health'

Naja-Theresia Høegh

Age: 22

'Passionate about developing the rights of indigenous people'

New Caledonia

Ilona Mayerau-Lonné

Age: 20

'Passionate about international relations and security'

Maïwenn Moreau

Age: 21

'Engaged for public health'

Shirley Tom

Age: 22

'Engaged in human relations with the aim of contributing to the influence of my country'

Ihno Wathiepel

Age: 28


Veronica Zaegers

Age: 24

'To promote protection, rights and the welfare of children'

St Pierre and Miquelon

Emma Poirier

Age: 24

'Committed to be a part of a big change'

Sint Maarten

Yasmine Essed

Age: 22

'A heart for humanitarianism and social development'

Rodman James

Age: 25

'Passionate about entrepreneurship and economic development in emerging markets'

Keïsha Rousseau

Age: 21

'Dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance for education and equality'

Wallis and Futuna

Annaelle Falemaa

Age: 23

'The fight against the monopoly and the economic stakes of tourism'

Nefa Lemo

Age: 22

'Devoted to my islands, I am committed to representing them and making progress in the fight against global warming'

Victoria Talalua

Age: 25

'Passionate about travel, discovery and cultural exchange'