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International Partnerships

Geopolitical Commission builds on International Partnerships

The journey of the new ‘Geopolitical Commission’ started in December 2019. We want Europe to be stronger in the world. President von der Leyen entrusted me with the role of Commissioner for International Partnerships in my mission letter, and asked me to ensure that the European model of development evolves in line with new global realities.

DG DEVCO, the service supporting my work as Commissioner, has now officially become DG International Partnerships (‘DG INTPA’). This is a timely and important moment. The new title, structure and mission statement gives DG INTPA a solid footing for contributing to the geopolitical ambitions of this Commission and supporting my work. It reflects the true change in paradigm towards equal partnerships.

In this ever changing, complex and competitive world, our generation is being tested by global calamities such as inequality, climate change and biodiversity loss, brought into sharper focus by COVID-19. Addressing these challenges alone is not an option.

Building on the EU and Member States’ long-standing experience in international cooperation and development, my mission is to work strategically and effectively with international partners to build the world we want to live in tomorrow. A world that is green, digital and fair, with equal opportunity for all.

As Commissioner for International Partnerships, I drive this vision in our work with partners, leveraging the strength of our different policies abroad.

This means working hand in hand with partners, setting agendas, taking initiatives and ensuring effective implementation of our actions for the ultimate benefit of people across the world. It also means promoting and protecting human rights, democracy and the rule of law – the very foundations of our international cooperation.

For many of us, this past year has been particularly hard. However, I am optimistic for what the future holds. The pandemic has shown us that we will only confront challenges and succeed by working together. So let’s step it up, and make the most of our international partnerships to propel ourselves into a sustainable future.

Visit of Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner, to the "Centre de formation et d'insertion professionnelle", in Dar Naim, Mauritania – 25/02/2020, © European Union