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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2023

Applications have officially closed

2023 #NataliPrize winners

International Prize

International Prize
This is how the clandestine houses of the Dgcim operate in Caracas

“A kind of institutionalised pillage nourishes the real estate assets of the Chavista state security forces, in particular the Military Counterintelligence, which has taken possession of properties generally located in housing estates in the east of the Venezuelan capital. In some of these ‘safe houses’, dedicated to the kidnapping, extortion and torture of political opponents, the secret services torment their victims, hostages or missing persons, while they are not under the control of the judicial circuits. This is the first instalment in a series that x-rays these places and the horror that inhabits them.”

Europe Prize

Europe Prize
European green finance is paying for deforestation in Indonesia: the case of Michelin

“Designed to support sustainable development projects, green finance is not always as benign as its protagonists would have us believe. A certified “green” project may have helped destroy rainforest, thus deceiving its eco-conscious investors. In a detailed investigation, Voxeurop lifts the veil on a vast greenwashing operation carried out in Indonesia by Michelin, the world’s biggest tyre manufacturer.”
- VoxEurop

Best Emerging Journalist Prize

Best Emerging Journalist Prize
Not just Bucha. Here’s what happened outside Chernihiv

“The Russian military achieved notoriety for murders and rapes in Bucha, Kyiv region. But they behaved no better near Chernihiv. The Chernihiv region of Ukraine was attacked by the Russian troops on the first day of the war. Fighting for Chernihiv lasted more than a month, and the Russian soldiers’ route to the capital passed through small settlements. IStories spoke with the residents of villages in the Chernihiv region. They witnessed the killing of civilians, survived torture in a basement, and lost their homes.”
- Important Stories

Lorenzo Natali Prize 2023 - 31st edition

For more than 30 years the Lorenzo Natali Prize has celebrated excellence in journalism. Established in 1992, it highlights stories about issues that matter in our world, such as the human impact of inequality, poverty and climate change, the importance of education and the value of human rights in our societies.

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The Prize at a Glance

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize rewards excellent reporting on the topics of:

Prize categories

International Prize
International Prize

for reporting published by a media outlet based in one of the European Union’s partner countries.

Europe Prize
Europe Prize

for reporting published by a media outlet based in the European Union.

Best Emerging Journalist Prize
Best Emerging Journalist Prize

open to journalists under 30 for reporting published by a media outlet based in the European Union or in one of its partner countries.

Check the list of the eligible coutries.

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Past Winners

The Natali Prize has recognised 105 journalists since it was launched in 1992. Browse the map to view where the past winners' work was published.

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