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International Partnerships

Global Gateway in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific

We implement Global Gateway through regional and bilateral initiatives that have results with a transformative impact in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific

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Global Gateway in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific (18)

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ASEAN Green Initiative

The Green Team Europe Initiative with ASEAN will strengthen the EU's partnership with the region in areas including climate action, environmental and biodiversity protection, clean energy transition, disaster resilience, prevention of illegal logging, wildlife trafficking and air pollution.

ASEAN Team Europe Initiative on Sustainable Connectivity

The Sustainable Connectivity Team Europe Initiative will support ASEAN electric grid interconnections to improve access to renewable energy, invest in digitalisation, including in connectivity via submarine cables, and promote environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable value chains.

Bac Ai pumped hydro storage project in Vietnam

This project aims to support the Vietnamese government to construct a four-unit pumped-storage hydropower system. The new system will have a total capacity of 1,200 megawatts. It will assist Vietnam to reach its commitments on carbon neutrality and the phasing out of coal for energy generation.

Central Asia Digital Connectivity

The initiative will enhance businesses and citizens' access to a secure internet through trusted satellite connectivity. Earth stations and other digital infrastructure will be positioned across Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, linking to existing broadband infrastructure.

Forests Partnerships with Guyana, Suriname, Mongolia, the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Zambia

Forest Partnerships encompass the EU's holistic cooperation framework for joint work on forests, aimed at reversing deforestation in supported countries and consequently enhance climate and biodiversity protection.

Global Partnership for Education

Global Gateway supports the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the multilateral initiative that focuses on the provision of good quality basic education for all girls and boys in an inclusive, equitable way.

Green Economic Growth in Mongolia

In 2023 the Choir-Sainshand energy transmission line and substations construction works are being launched; Aimag and Soum Centers Green and Resilient Regional Development Investment Program (ASDIP) to be approved by the Mongolian Parliament; launch of the Forest Partnership.

Green Energy Transition in Bangladesh

In 2023 the project for solar and wind power energy investments will be launched.

Green Recovery in Nepal

The Team Europe Initiative aims to boost green recovery from the pandemic with green growth and jobs. It will support small farmers, the agro-forestry sector, enhance energy access and other vital services such as water supply, sanitation and nutrition services and education.