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International Partnerships


MoReNet project Mozambique providing free wifi on campus

The AfricaConnect project aims to establish high-capacity regional data networks for research and education in the whole of Africa, and to improve the volume and reliability of connectivity to the global research and education community. This will complement the existing interconnection between the region and GÉANT, the pan-European research and education data network, enabling researchers and academics in Africa to collaborate seamlessly with each other and with research and education institutions around the world.

Building on the work carried out by the EUMEDCONNECT (2004-2015), AfricaConnect (2011-2015) and AfricaConnect2 (2015-2019), the current and third phase of the project focuses on enhancing human capital development in Africa. More specifically, it seeks to unlock the potential of education and research through increased access to digital infrastructures and technologies for African education and research institutions.

MoReNet project Mozambique providing free wifi on campus


Funding instrument


Implementing organisations

UbuntuNet Alliance, Wacren, ASREN, GEANT