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Comoros is situated in the Indian Ocean at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel and off the eastern coast of Africa. The 3 islands making up Comoros voted for independence from France in 1974.

As a very small open economy with limited exports, predominantly of cloves, ylang-ylang and vanilla, Comoros is highly dependent on imports of goods and services. Its agriculture sector is the main economic driver as it represents nearly half of the GDP and 80% of jobs. Fisheries and tourism are under exploited however due to a lack of adequate infrastructures.

Our priorities

The 2021-2027 EU programming for Comoros is based on the Emerging Comoros Plan (ECP 2020-2030), a national policy that aims at the structural transformation of the country’s economy. This plan intends to bring a new dynamic, showing the authorities’ desire to change and a real ambition to rebuild the nation. It further aims to structurally transform and diversify the economy, through the development of a blue economy, agriculture and tourism.

This strategy is based on several catalysts needed to achieve the objectives: political framework stability, structural reforms, and human capital development. The three proposed priority areas for the Multiannual Indicative Programme are the following:

Green and Blue pact

In order to satisfy the local market and improve the food security of the population, the actions of the MIP aim to increase market gardening, food production, livestock, fishing, and imports. We will also promote the preservation of natural heritage and biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services critical to agricultural productivity.

Growth and jobs

The MIP supports the Government's efforts to accelerate the transformation structure of the economy. We aim to develop a competitive private sector, opportunities, productive investment, and trade, to foster jobs and growth, efforts that are part of the interim EPA, ratified in January 2019 by Comoros.


Actions in the area of ​​governance are essential to achieving the objectives of the development of ECP. Thus, the MIP will support key reforms to be carried out in order to meet the challenges of the country and contribute to the efficiency of public policies.

Moreover, it accompanies the Government's efforts mainly in terms of strengthening the local governance and good management of public finances.


Our programmes

The Multiannual Indicative Programme (MIP) for Comoros for 2021-2024 amounts to €46 million.

Priority area 1: ‘’Green and Blue pact’’ promotes the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, and the biodiversity of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and improves the food and nutritional security of the population.

Priority area 2: ‘’Growth and jobs’’ supports job creation, economic growth, and diversification, especially for women and young people, and contributes to improving the conditions for private sector development and the increase of trade.

Priority area 3: ‘’Governance’’ advances the integration of environmental issues at the local level, the implementation of inclusive public policies, and the development of the rights and participation of women as agents of societal change.

Support measures

The EU conducted in Comoros a cycle of in-depth consultations with civil society in all its plurality, in order to identify the opportunities and constraints its role has

The strengthening and involvement of civil society are integrated across all actions of the MIP and contribute to the implementation of the priorities. The targeted elements include the community associations, with an increased role for women and young people, particularly in terms of natural resource management, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Civil society organizations (CSOs) will be supported to facilitate greater budget transparency and accountability.


8 MARCH 2022
Multiannual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 for Comoros - annex (French)
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19 DECEMBER 2022
Annual action plan 2022 for Comoros (French)
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20 JULY 2022
Support measure 2022 for Comoros (French)
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