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News announcement8 September 2021Directorate-General for International Partnerships1 min read

Join Live our Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Anthony Bebbington – 10 September 14:00 CET


Natural Resources Extraction: Social Justice Challenges

Join live our #KAPTalks with Anthony Bebbington of the Ford Foundation who will discuss the extraction of natural resources as a social justice question, particularly in light of COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be hybrid, physical and online. Join us on 10th September at 14:00 CET / 12:00 GMT. The lecture is hosted by the University of Utrecht.

The killings of environmental defenders are but one, awful, indication of the social injustices that can accompany the extraction of natural resources from the subsoil and from forests.

The struggle for social justice in these environments has become yet more difficult under COVID, given the impacts of COVID on indigenous populations in many of these environments.

These challenges seem likely to intensify downstream of COVID in the face of economic reactivation policies, closing civic space, the search for energy transition minerals and a politics of urgency that risks undermining a politics of social justice.

Background information

Anthony Bebbington, internationally recognized leader and scholar on extractive industries and natural resource governance, will explore COVID’s impact on the intersection of natural resources and social justice issues. He’ll also share experiences from the Ford Foundation, where he currently serves as International Director of Natural Resources and Climate Change.

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8 September 2021
Directorate-General for International Partnerships