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International Partnerships

Building bridges to create the Global Gateway’s strategic corridors

The EU has been engaged in supporting major road infrastructure investments in Sierra Leone since many years. Improving connectivy means reducing travel time and costs, and enhancing economic inegration and trade.

The recent inauguration of the Magbele and Mabang bridges has shown the EU’s commitment to continue strengthening connectivity and socio-economic development in Sierra Leone and in the West African region. These bridges, along with other EU-funded infrastructure projects in Sierra Leone, are key to buidling the West African strategic corridors and the Africa-Europe Global Gateway.

Since the new bridge was opened, things have changed a lot for the people in my community. The road and bridge have a safe and secured footpath with guarded rails for pedestrians to walk from one end to other without any fear of being knocked-down by vehicles.

Pa Kapri Kanu

The bridge has opened up economic activity in our region. We are seeing big trucks from Guinea and Freetown now bring goods to sell here. They also buy our products in the community.

Sallay Kanu

About the project and EU contribution

Since 2004, the EU has financed the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 355 km of road in Sierra Leone along the Praia-Dakar-Abidjan corridor. EU-funded constructions in this area amount to €157 million and include:

  • Several new bridges, three of which are longer than 150 m
  • 85 km of road and the Magbele bridge along the Freetown-Conakry highway
  • Widening and improvement of 7 bridges along the highway connecting Freetown with Bo and the Liberian border, including a 162 m long bridge over the Moa river which replaces a ferry.
  • Essential road links to the corridor

Finalisation of ongoing works is expected by the second half of 2023.