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International Partnerships

Cameroon:, supporting private sector for easier registration

Cameroonian SMEs mostly operate in the informal sector and suffer from a lack of relations with public authorities. Since 2016, Cameroon benefits from the support of the European Union to strengthen the capacities of its economic operators and to promote an institutional environment that is more conducive to business.

Aboukare Ousmane, accountant

In a given year, I can help creating between 20 and 30 businesses. Thanks to, I could save time and money, following files from my office and avoiding lengthy trips. It became an indispensable working tool.

Aboubakar, 28 year old, Cameroonian

Katie Taga, business promoter

I could get the documents necessary to launch my business in 72 hours. With, business owners save time and money. We should encourage such initiative here.

Katie Taga, manager of a constructions company in Cameroon