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International Partnerships

CARE Beyond Skin: fighting COVID-19 in Nigeria

The EU’s private sector has been actively contributing to solutions to the COVID crisis in partner countries, alongside the Team EU public response. Beyond financial contributions to local pandemic funds or other types of financial donations, it has undertaken a wide range of initiatives for the supply of medical and protection equipment and other health solutions.

For over 135 years, Beiersdorf has been a leading provider of innovative, high quality skin care products. As an organisation that has as its motto “CARE Beyond Skin”, the company is convinced that conquering the COVID-19 pandemic requires effort, investment and collaboration.

Keeping close to its purpose, Beiersdorf has made available €50 million towards the fight against Covid-19 across key markets. They have acted immediately by producing disinfectants in their factories across the world, organising product donations and making significant financial contributions to those in need.

Globally, the company has made donations of over 1,000,000 litres of disinfectant to relevant government authorities and stakeholders across the world.

Nivea wipes distributed in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the team has successfully donated over 10,000 litres of locally produced Liquid Hand Sanitizers to State Governments, Health authorities, and the General Public. Further efforts were taken to distribute sanitizers in open markets to traders and customers. They have also launched the “Wash, Sanitize and Moisturize” campaign - a public awareness raising activity aimed at reminding shoppers of basic safety and hygiene practices that are critical this season.


Beiersdorf’s purpose- #CareBeyondSkin expresses their commitment to reach beyond their core business - taking care of people’s skin, and maximising the positive impact they can make in defeating this common enemy, and restoring life to normal.

The company believes that together as they support all relevant authorities in the fight against COVID-19, they will flatten the curve and eradicate this virus.

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