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International Partnerships

Covid-19 – supporting social protection to help the most vulnerable in Bangladesh

The EU’s technical assistance is seeking a comprehensive solution to these challenges. The Child Benefit Programme, for instance, will offer deprived mothers like Munni Bai a range of services for them and their children, from pregnancy to kindergarten. From their first contact with family welfare assistants onwards, their details will be kept in a database. Various agencies will then have access to the database, so that they can offer the women health-related services and advice, training in life skills and hygiene, checks on their children’s cognitive development and more besides. The database will be integrated with the G2P payment system and will also be used to register births within 45 days, free of charge.

All in all, EU budget support and technical assistance are helping Bangladesh move towards a more effective and comprehensive social security system that meets the needs of Bangladeshis throughout their lives, with a priority focus on the poorest and most vulnerable.