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Somalia’s youth leads the fight against climate challenges

Somalia is on a path to recover from decades of civil war and absence of state control. However, climate change poses one of the biggest challenges to the country’s stability. Droughts and floods have become increasingly frequent, with devastating effects.

The European Union aims to support the Somali youth through education and skills building, so they can contribute to the resilience of their society and develop solutions to their country’s pressing challenges that are exacerbated by the climate crisis.

For this purpose, the EU Resilience Scholarship Awards programme was launched in partnerships with UNOPS in 2020.

It provides grants to Somali students who want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field relating to resilience, including climate change adaptation, livelihoods, nutrition, durable solutions, and sustainable development.

Asma, a scholarship recipient

The ultimate goal of this award is to improve educational opportunities for Somali youth and boost their expertise in resilience building.

To encourage the applications of qualified young women, the programme prioritises female candidates, recognising the need to improve gender diversity in academia and the resilience sector in Somalia.

Fatima, a scholarship recipient

This scholarship means so much to me. It will allow me to continue to pursue my educational dreams and future. It also inspires me to take part for the development of my country and making the world a better place to live.


Education is key to enable individuals and communities to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their context, and to promote innovation and change towards a more sustainable production and a greener economy.

The EU has been a key and long-term partner supporting Somalia to improve access to quality education and provide skills building opportunities for its youth, with a focus on promoting gender equality.

Billan, a scholarship recipient