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International Partnerships

Winning the race for inclusion

Promoting disabled women and children's rights in Niger

Fati is disabled and lives with her brother. She joined a group of disabled people and was chosen to participate in an athlete race.

Everyone was gathered together for national unite and equality” she says. “They invited both abled and disabled people, blind and people with leprosy in this big stadium for this huge event. I participated with enthusiasm in the race and won first place! It was my first time in this race and thanks to God, I won the cup.

Fati winning the race

Everyone came to congratulate me and support me, this cup belongs to everyone.

Fati after the race

Fati is a member of an organisation set up by the Fédération Nigérienne des Personnes Handicapées (FNPH) with the support from the European Union. The project supports the social and judicial inclusion of disabled women and children in Niger. The FNPH organised a huge athletic event on the International day of disability as part of the protection and promotion of disabled women and children’s rights and autonomy.