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International Partnerships

Climate and energy

Highlighted projects

Africa-Europe Green Energy

The Africa-Europe Green Energy Initiative aims to engage European and African public and private sector actors to increase electricity production and access to energy, promote energy efficiency, support reforms for a conducive regulatory environment for private investment, and foster market integration. This Team Europe Initiative is the energy component of the Global Gateway in Africa, bringing together the EU, its Member States, European financial and development institutions and the private sector, as well as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

In 2023 the West African Power Pool coordination centre inaugurated in Benin; EIB agreements signed with Burundi, Cabo Verde and Djibouti; studies launched on the Ruzizi III regional hydropower plant in DRC-Rwanda-Burundi; completion of feasibility study on the ‘GREGY’ project – an electricity interconnection cable linking Egypt to Greece; solar plant inaugurated in Ivory Coast; agreement for contribution to rural electrification in Madagascar with AFD; call for proposals hydrogen power plant in Morocco; launch of tender process for construction of a National Control Centre for Energy Infrastructure in Mozambique; EIB signature for the construction of a solar power plant in Namibia; inauguration of the Gorou-Banda solar plant in Niger; agreement with AFD for Kakono Hydropower Plant in Tanzania; agreement with government of Zambia for the rehabilitation of Kariba Dam; in Nigeria, a financing agreement will be signed for the generation of renewable energy projects and the Youth in Agribusiness programme will be launched.


The NaturAfrica Team Europe Initiative supports biodiversity conservation in six priority regions: Congo Basin forest ecosystems, Transhumance landscapes in in Central Africa, West Africa Forests, Sudano-sahelian savannahs of West Africa, Eastern Rift savannahs and watersheds, Transfrontier conservation areas of Southern Africa. In 2023 two financing agreements will be signed.

Latin America and Caribbean Green Transition

In 2023 there will be energy dialogues with Argentina, Brazil and Chile. A Team Europe Initiative in Costa Rica on Green Recovery, Decarbonisation and Sustainable Urban Mobility will be launched. In Panama, the Energy Transition project will be launched.

Water-Energy-Climate Change in Central Asia

The Team Europe Initiative on Water, Energy and Climate Change will contribute to managing water and energy resources sustainably, addressing environmental challenges and tackling climate change in five Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The initiative includes infrastructure projects in fields such as water supply, sanitation and waste management, and hydro power.

In 2023 the concrete actions for the development of renewable hydrogen value chains in Kazakhstan will be defined; submission to EIB’s board and mobilisation of the EFSD+ guarantee will take place for the Rogun Dam hydropower plant in Tajikistan.

Green-Blue Alliance for the Pacific

In 2023 the feasibility study for the Qaliwana Hydropower Project in Fiji will be finalised and the financing request submitted to EIB; in Papua New Guinea, 127 km of farm-to-market road maintenance, maintenance of 5 airstrips and the construction and improvement of 2 jetties will be completed; there will be a €20 million top up to the project ‘Protecting Climate Change Resilience of Pacific Islands.

Amazon Basin

In 2023 the Amazon Basin Team Europe Initiative to prevent deforestation will be launched.

ELMED Interconnector Electricity Transmission Project

In 2023 this project, which supports the construction of a first interconnection between Italy and Tunisia with an undersea high-voltage electricity cable is being launched. The project will increase the security and the sustainability of electricity supply on both sides and will allow for better renewable energy integration and the replacement of gas-fired thermal generation.

Forest Partnership

In 2023, the Global Gateway partnership with Guyana and Suriname will be launched and will focus on green transition through a Forest Partnership Team Europe Initiative. The initiative will strengthen forest governance, sustainable livelihoods and natural coastal defence.

ASEAN Green Initiative

The Green Team Europe Initiative with ASEAN will strengthen the EU's partnership with the region in areas including climate action, environmental and biodiversity protection, clean energy transition, disaster resilience, prevention of illegal logging, wildlife trafficking and air pollution.

In 2023 the EIB is starting investment consultations on Bac Ai hydropower hydro pump storage; KfW starting due diligence on upgrade of Tri An hydropower plant.

Five Great Forests of Mesoamerica

In 2023 the Five Great Forests of Mesoamerica will be launched, which will protect 10 million hectares of forest by 2030.

Bio 2 Watt

Bio 2 Watt is a waste to value project in South Africa, which will expand to Mozambique and Uganda. The Bio2Watt plants treat animal waste and other waste sources to reduce biogas. This creates a biobased energy source, captures and limits methane emissions and reduces the pollution of water resources. In 2023, the plant in South Africa will expand capacity from 4.6MW to 9.8MW.

Global Green Bond Initiative

The Team Europe Global Green Bond Initiative supports the development of green bond markets in partner countries. In 2023 technical assistance to Jamaica, Colombia and Costa Rica will begin.

Electricity Corridor in Western Balkans

Development of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor for the creation of a regional power network connecting the electricity transmission systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia with those of Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Italy.

In 2023 the loan agreement has been signed and the tender documents are being prepared.

Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with Indonesia

The Just Energy Transition Partnership commits to groundbreaking climate targets, and associated financing, to support Indonesia in an ambitious and just energy transition. In 2023 the energy-related programme with European financial institutions will be identified in a Team Europe approach and the JETP Resource Mobilisation Plan will be adopted.

Strategic Partnership on Critical Raw Materials in Democratic Republic of Congo

In 2023 the European Commission is building an EU approach on critical metals.

Green Energy Transition in Bangladesh

In 2023 the project for solar and wind power energy investments will be launched.

Ecuador Team Europe Initiative: ‘A Green Deal for Ecuador’

This Team Europe Initiative will develop an inclusive, sustainable and resilient economy. In 2023, the National Decarbonisation Strategy and a competition for ideas for green urban infrastructure projects will be launched.

Green Economic Growth in Mongolia

In 2023 the Choir-Sainshand energy transmission line and substations construction works are being launched; Aimag and Soum Centers Green and Resilient Regional Development Investment Program (ASDIP) to be approved by the Mongolian Parliament; launch of the Forest Partnership.

Green Recovery in Nepal

The Team Europe Initiative on Green Recovery was launched in February 2023. It aims to boost green recovery from the pandemic with green growth and jobs. It will support small farmers, the agro-forestry sector, enhance energy access and other vital services such as water supply, sanitation and nutrition services and education, while fostering increased participation of women in leadership and the economy.

Papua New Guinea Rabaul Port Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Greening

This project includes the rehabilitation of the port of Rabaul, as well as technical assistance to support the Papua New Guinea Ports Corporation in developing an investment plan for greening port infrastructure. In 2023 the country will make the formal financing request.

Tra Vinh Nearshore Wind

The Tra Vinh project is a 48MW nearshore wind farm. The project includes 12 wind turbines located 4 km from shoreline, a 20 km overhead transmission line and substation. In 2023 there will be an impact assessment and decision on a second phase of expansion.

Strategic Partnership with Kazakhstan on Raw Materials, Batteries and Renewable Hydrogen

This strategic partnership with Kazakhstan will enable

  • closer economic and industrial integration in the strategic value chains of raw materials, batteries and renewable hydrogen
  • increasing the resilience of raw material, battery and renewable hydrogen supply chains
  • closer bilateral cooperation on capacity-building, skills and research & innovation
Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Africa

The Team Europe Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience will bring together existing and new climate change adaptation programmes of over €1 billion and leverage its impact by improved coordination and a reinforced policy dialogue on adaptation between the EU and AU.

Great Green Wall in Africa

Africa's Great Green Wall seeks to re-green Africa from Senegal to Somalia. It is about building a mosaic of green and productive landscapes that improve people’s livelihoods and foster environmental sustainability.

ASEAN Team Europe Initiative on Sustainable Connectivity

The Sustainable Connectivity Initiative will accelerate infrastructure investment in South-East Asia. The Sustainable Connectivity Team Europe Initiative will support ASEAN electric grid interconnections to improve access to renewable energy, invest in digitalisation, including in connectivity via submarine cables, and promote environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable value chains.

Just Energy Transition Partnership with South Africa

The governments of South Africa, France, Germany, UK, US, and the EU have established a Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) to support South Africa’s accelerated and inclusive transition towards a net zero and climate resilient economy.

Green hydrogen in Namibia

This partnership with Namibia is for the development of a green hydrogen economy and sustainable critical raw materials value chains to support the green transition of both Namibia and the EU. The partnership will be reinforced by investments in the strategic transport corridor (Maputo-Gaborone-Walvis Bay) and in digital subsea cables to link Europe with Africa.

Forests Partnerships with Guyana, Mongolia, the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Zambia

Forest Partnerships encompass the EU's holistic cooperation framework for joint work on forests, aimed at reversing deforestation in supported countries and consequently enhance climate and biodiversity protection. Find out more on the launch of five Forest Partnerships at COP27.

Green hydrogen in Chile

The partnership with Chile is a Team Europe Initiative for the development of a sustainable green hydrogen economy, complemented by partnerships on the critical raw materials necessary for the green and digital transitions.

Green Paraguay

Green Paraguay initiative aims to promote global climate action and the green transition in line with EU’s Green Deal. It builds connections for a greener economy to transit to a more sustainable and resilient economic model in Paraguay.

Floating solar photovoltaic power plant in Albania

Installation of a 12.9 MW floating solar photovoltaic power plant in Albania, the first medium-size hybrid floating solar and hydropower plant and the first application of pure-floats technology in the Western Balkans. It is expected to produce over 18 GWh of electricity and displace 8,700 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Inclusive Green Growth with Namibia

In 2023 a roadmap of concrete actions for the Strategic Partnership on Raw Materials Value Chains and Renewable Hydrogen will be established.