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Climate and energy

Investing in both mitigation and climate resilience, as well as in clean energy, is a necessity but also a major economic opportunity in low- and middle-income countries.

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Africa-Europe Green Energy

This Team Europe Initiative aims to engage European and African public and private sector actors to increase electricity production and access to energy, promote energy efficiency, support reforms for a conducive regulatory environment for private investment, and foster market integration.

Amazon Basin

In 2023 the Amazon Basin Team Europe Initiative to prevent deforestation will be launched.

ASEAN Green Initiative

The Green Team Europe Initiative with ASEAN will strengthen the EU's partnership with the region in areas including climate action, environmental and biodiversity protection, clean energy transition, disaster resilience, prevention of illegal logging, wildlife trafficking and air pollution.

ASEAN Team Europe Initiative on Sustainable Connectivity

The Sustainable Connectivity Team Europe Initiative will support ASEAN electric grid interconnections to improve access to renewable energy, invest in digitalisation, including in connectivity via submarine cables, and promote environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable value chains.

Bac Ai pumped hydro storage project in Vietnam

This project aims to support the Vietnamese government to construct a four-unit pumped-storage hydropower system. The new system will have a total capacity of 1,200 megawatts. It will assist Vietnam to reach its commitments on carbon neutrality and the phasing out of coal for energy generation.


Bio2Watt is a waste to value project in South Africa, which will expand to Mozambique and Uganda. Bio2Watt plants treat animal waste and other waste sources to reduce biogas. This creates a biobased energy source, captures and limits methane emissions and reduces the pollution of water resources.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Africa

The Team Europe Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience will bring together existing and new climate change adaptation programmes of over €1 billion and leverage its impact by improved coordination and a reinforced policy dialogue on adaptation between the EU and AU.

Developing Chile’s Green Hydrogen potential

The Team Europe Initiative (TEI) on the development of Green Hydrogen in Chile, is a joint effort of the EU and its Member States to foster cooperation with Chile for the development of its renewable hydrogen economy.

Ecuador Team Europe Initiative: ‘A Green Deal for Ecuador’

This Team Europe Initiative will develop an inclusive, sustainable and resilient economy. In 2023, the National Decarbonisation Strategy and a competition for ideas for green urban infrastructure projects will be launched.

Electricity Corridor in Western Balkans

Development of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor for the creation of a regional power network connecting the electricity transmission systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia with those of Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Italy.