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International Partnerships

Connected Economy and Society in Egypt

This Team Europe Initiative Connected Economy and Society in Egypt includes a project to modernise the Alexandria Area Control Centre (ARCC), whose technology is now obsolete. The AFD board approved a loan of up to USD 54.7 million and a European grant will take place. The modernisation of the Alexandria Area Control Centre (ARCC), will include:

(1) the renovation of the technical components of the control building (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water) and, if necessary, of the structural and architectural components of the existing building / or the construction of a new building to house the control centre and the technical rooms (to be specified by the feasibility study according to physical and technical constraints);

(2) an upgrade, replacement or addition of the communication systems between the transmission network electrical substations (about 90 substations) and the control building (fibre optics attached to the top of the pylons, communication protocols, etc.), including increase in cybersecurity defences, and increase of the communication capacity to new substations.