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International Partnerships

Partnership on manufacturing vaccines, medicines and health technologies and strengthening health systems in Latin America

This initiative will boost Latin America's manufacturing capacity, foster equitable access to safe and affordable health products, and strengthen health resilience in the region to tackle endemic and emerging diseases. 


Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the regions most affected by COVID-19.

The pandemic highlighted the need to address supply chain vulnerabilities, boost local manufacturing and strengthen health resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Plan for self-sufficiency in health matters, endorsed by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in September 2021, sets out lines of action to strengthen capacities to produce and distribute vaccines and medicines in the region.

The European Union - Latin America partnership will support countries to

  • move towards healthcare for everyone
  • prepare to tackle future pandemics
  • boost research and innovation
  • develop skills and create jobs


The partnership will follow a comprehensive 360-degree approach covering supply, demand and an enabling environment for sustainability.

The emphasis will be on knowledge exchange, sparking innovation and ensuring equitable access.

The first continent-wide actions will focus on

  • private-sector engagement, supply chains and access to finance
  • technology transfer, research and innovation
  • regulatory frameworks and the enabling environment

They will

  • connect businesses from Latin America and Europe
  • exchange scientific knowledge and policy and regulatory expertise between actors in Europe and Latin America
  • de-risk and encourage investment (through the European Fund for Sustainable Development +)
  • provide catalytic finance