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GET.invest – mobilising renewable energy investments

Get.Invest renewable energy investments

GET.invest is a European programme which supports investments in decentralised renewable energy. The programme targets private sector businesses and project developers, financiers and regulators to build sustainable energy markets in partner countries.

Services include market information, a funding database, matchmaking events as well as access-to-finance coaching and advisory linking projects and companies with finance, and vice versa. The programme is supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria, and works closely with initiatives and business associations in the energy sector.

Mobilising renewable energy investments in emerging markets

Renewable energy technologies have become increasingly commercially viable and are the least expensive and most feasible option to provide millions of people with clean and affordable energy. Linking project and business development with financing – and thereby accelerating investment and ultimately access to energy – is however a persistent challenge.

On the one hand, substantial funding is available, although not necessarily at the right time and through the right channels. On the other hand, project and business developers often do not speak the same language as financiers. This makes it difficult for developers to access available funding; a challenge that can be fixed by providing support to shape up their proposals. At the governance level, regulators often face new business models and need experienced counsel to create conducive regulatory frameworks. All of these aspects slow the pace of investment in sustainable energy.

Get.Invest mobilising renewable energy investments

Delivering through dedicated services and strong partnerships

GET.invest offers services to help overcome these challenges. The portfolio includes project and business development support, information and matchmaking, and assistance in implementing regulatory processes. The programme works across different market segments of decentralised renewables, such as small on-grid independent power producers (IPPs), captive/commercial and industrial power, mini-grids, small standalone solar systems including solar home systems, as well as clean cooking solutions.

GET.invest works closely with national and international partners and initiatives, and contributes to major political initiatives of its donors. To ensure a good flow of information, and to build sustainable market structures, the programme cooperates with industry associations, at an international and a national level, in partner countries and regions. By working directly with financiers, it ensures their requirements and expectations in terms of project proposals are met.

GET.invest has adapted its advisory support to the circumstances of Covid-19 in order to help companies weather the crisis. This is essential to ensure that in particular small and medium enterprise (SME) structures that have delivered much of the recent successes in terms of access to energy remain functional and available to make a green economic recovery happen.

Results and impacts of GET.invest services


  • 600 applications for support received by the GET.invest Finance Catalyst
  • 160 projects and companies selected for support
  • 90+ active clients in the current GET.invest portfolio
  • 33 companies and projects successfully assisted in accessing financing

Projected estimated impacts (related to the 33 companies and projects linked with financiers):

  • 244 MW installed capacity
  • €440 M investment volume
  • 460,000t CO2eq. emission reduction p.a
  • 6.3 M additional end-users with access to clean energy
Get.Invest renewable energy investments

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Implementing organisations

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