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International Partnerships

RIO 2016: Children and youth rights Olympics – Respect, protect and guarantee


Building on the momentum created by the 2016 Olympics planned to take place in Brazil, the National Front of Mayors (‘Frente Nacional de Prefeitos’ - FNP) launched in December 2015 a 2-year project to better protect the rights of children and adolescents living in poor urban areas during the competition and after. The EU financed 90% of the project’s budget.


The project aimed at contributing to the protection of the rights of children and adolescents, suffering from socioeconomic vulnerability, with special attention to adolescents of black origin, living and in the poorest areas of the cities involved in the project.

The project also carries a strategy to prevent violations of children and youth rights at major events in Brazilian cities, with a first measure aiming at strengthening Rio de Janeiro’s protection network and guarantee system of children and youth rights during the 2016 Olympics.



Ahead of the 2016 Olympics, the campaign ‘Respect, protect and guarantee’ was launched as part of the project to raise awareness on the fate of children and adolescents living on the street or gone missing, and on the importance to protect children and youth from forced labour, sexual exploitation, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The campaign also encouraged witnesses of violations to report them to the authorities, via a special phone number and a dedicated app.

Funding instrument

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

Implementing organisations

National Front of Mayors ( Frente Nacional de Prefeitos - FNP)