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Tackling gender stereotypes in Vietnam

Creating an environment for girls and boys to express their interests

Young children in Vietnam are exposed to gender roles and expectations.

This early gender socialization is reinforced in preschool environments through gender-specific toys and gender-based activities.

In the central provinces of Vietnam particularly, inequalities linked to early gender socialization are among the most persisting equity issues, affecting both girls and boys.

The project

The Gender-responsive teaching and learning in the early years (GENTLE) project, co-funded by the EU, has transformed preschools in 15 mountainous districts in central Vietnam into environments of gender-responsive play-based learning, involving parents to the fullest in the process.

The project focuses on developing preschool teachers and school leaders capacity to challenge social and gender norms, create new rules, and support children in adopting new, more equitable attitudes and behaviours.

They are provided with tools to effectively implement gender-responsive play-based learning at school and to advocate this approach also at home with the children's parents.

Preschool inVietnam encourage boys and girls to participate in gender-specific activities


At the end of the project, 1,947 teachers and 298 school leaders from 153 preschools in the Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces have integrated Gender-Responsive Pedagogy (GRP) into their daily teaching practices.

The implementation of GRP in preschools will help children to develop to their full potential, regardless their genders.

Creating an environment for girls and boys to express their interests


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