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International Partnerships

Results of EU-funded projects

Explore results achieved by EU-funded interventions per thematic priority.

Find out how we measure and report results together with implementing partners and EU partner countries

Climate, environment and energy

Examples of 2020 results:

44 390 000 ha
terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems protected in 2020
57 356 000 tonnes
CO² greenhouse gas emissions avoided with EU support
22 043 000 people
now have access to electricity

Digital and infrastructure

Results from projects in the area of transport and infrastructure:

80 000 km of road
supported by the EU through construction, rehabilitation and maintenance

Sustainable growth and jobs

2020 results in the area of employment, access to finance, vocational education, investment:

521 000 jobs
supported or sustained by the EU
2 311 000 individuals
accessed financial services with EU support
1 684 000 people
have benefited from vocational education and training

Human development

Results of EU funded projects in the area of health, education and basic services in 2020:

64 133 019 young children
fully immunised with EU support
19 274 000 women
had access to modern contraception methods
33 931 000 students
enrolled in primary education

Peace and governance

Examples and results of EU-funded projects in the area of democracy, human rights, conflict-prevention:

106 000 victims
of human rights violations directly benefited from assistance funded by the EU
4 343 000 people
directly benefited from legal aid interventions supported by the EU
660 000 civilians
supported in post-conflict peacebuilding and/or conflict prevention

Migration and forced displacement

Examples of 2018-2020 results of EU-funded projects in the area of migration and forced displacement.

14 416 000 migrants
forcibly displaced people or individuals from host communities were protected or assisted with EU support
37 countries
reached through projects providing protection or assistance for migrants, forcibly displaced people of individuals from host communities
544 000 people
supported through the EU Trust Fund for Africa projects