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International Partnerships

Members of the Youth Sounding Board

Youth Sounding Board member Ahmednoor Bashir Haji
Ahmednoor Bashir Haji

Age: 25

Country: Kenya 

'My leadership is about championing change while embracing the defiance of norms that holds young people back'.

Youth Sounding Board member Alicia Ramdal
Alicia Ramdal

Age: 26

Country: Trinidad and Tobago


Youth Sounding Board member Amani Al-mehsen
Amani Al-mehsen

Age: 27

Country: Finland

'We should embrace change and opportunity at every turn with open arms and determined minds'.

Youth Sounding Board member Andrea Remes
Andrea Remes

Age: 28

Country: Mexico

'In order to build a sustainable planet, all youth will need equal rights and opportunities to thrive in order to survive'.

Youth Sounding Board member Ani Tuisausau
Ani Tuisausau

Age: 28

Country: Fiji

'Young people are the vibrant voices of tomorrow, embodying resilience, diversity and showing a spirit of unity - let that sink in and allow it to inspire everyone!'

Youth Sounding Board member Anna Gabriela Ferreira Noval
Anna Gabriela Ferreira Noval

Age: 26

Country: Venezuela


Youth Sounding Board member Anojitha Sivaskaran
Anojitha Sivaskaran

Age: 27

Country: Sri Lanka

'Young people are not just victims or perpetrators of conflict. They are the visionaries of peace. Including them in every decision-making table is fundamental to building a more peaceful world'.

Youth Sounding Board member Damien Baraka
Damien Baraka

Age: 20

Country: Malawi

'In the symphony of global progress, the harmony of youth voices resonates as a transformative force. The collective narratives of young leaders enrich our shared melody'.

Youth Sounding Board member Deborah Mukundwa
Deborah Mukundwa

Age: 21

Country: Rwanda

'Amplifying the voices of the marginalised and those historically underrepresented to help create a more inclusive and just world for all'.

Youth Sounding Board member Dexter Arvin Yang
Dexter Arvin Yang

Age: 25

Country: The Philippines


Youth Sounding Board member Emmanuel Todd Gweamee
Emmanuel Todd Gweamee

Age: 28

Country: Liberia

'We can only achieve sustainable development if our policies and implementing strategies are truly intentional and practical in prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion'. 

Youth Sounding Board member Geth Semani Akhenra Maiga
Geth Semani Akhenra Maiga

Age: 27

Country: Côte D'Ivoire

'Cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit in our young people is the key to a world where problems and challenges can be transformed into business opportunities, and where success matches your resilience'.

Youth Sounding Board member John Jessy Nabundesi
John Jessy Nabundesi

Age: 23

Country: Uganda

'In a world where necessary laws for sexual and reproductive health and rights exist, the true test lies in their enforcement, especially within the realm of reproductive well-being'.

Youth Sounding Board member Kiwar Maigua
Kiwar Maigua

Age: 23

Country: Ecuador


Youth Sounding Board member Lorna Akoacha Enow
Lorna Akoacha Enow

Age: 26

Country: Cameroon

'It is a non-negotiable for youths everywhere to have access to quality education. Only on this premise can we build resilient societies and nations'.

Youth Sounding Board member Luis Gustavo Heredia Vasquez
Luis Gustavo Heredia Vasquez

Age: 19

Country: Peru

'Bound by purpose, fuelled by hope, youth shape the path to a world where equity, social responsibility and diversity thrive'.

Youth Sounding Board member Mariama Faty
Mariama Faty

Age: 29

Country: Senegal

'I firmly believe that we can all be the voice of positive change for the most vulnerable communities with intention, willingness and fearless determination'.

Youth Sounding Board member Nora Piay Fernandez
Nora Piay Fernandez

Age: 27

Country: Spain

'Young people must have a seat at the table to speak up for what matters: gender, social and climate justice to build a prosperous future for all'.

Youth Sounding Board member Pak-Yen Loke
Pak-Yen Loke

Age: 21

Country: Malaysia

'Let those who live it, lead it. Today’s choices belong to tomorrow’s voices!'

Youth Sounding Board member Pratik Kunwar
Pratik Kunwar

Age: 29

Country: Nepal

'The fierce urgency of now is to nurture youth as transformative leaders, capable of reshaping our world for the benefit of all'.

Youth Sounding Board member Raphael Denis Harriohay
Raphael Denis Harriohay

Age: 23

Country: Tanzania

'Living with violence is not living. This is why I am committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for children and young people, where everyone is free to develop to their fullest potential'.

Youth Sounding Board member Shakhzoda Mirakova
Shakhzoda Mirakova

Age: 21

Country: Uzbekistan

'Civic engagement is not an option, it is a necessity for Central Asian communities and the whole world. We all have to use our voices and experiences to reclaim the narrative and be the change that we wish to see'.

Youth Sounding Board member Sofia Scarlat
Sofia Scarlat

Age: 20

Country: Romania


Youth Sounding Board member Stephanie Chiaky Otuteye
Stephanie Chiaky Otuteye

Age: 23

Country: Ghana

'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love'.

Youth Sounding Board member Wajid Zahid
Wajid Zahid

Age: 22

Country: Pakistan

'I believe that we, as young minds, possess immense power. Let's all contribute to build peace and inclusion in society with our innovative ideas'.