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International Partnerships

Evaluation of EU Visibility in LRTF (2015)

This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the EU’s visibility relatively to the support it provides within the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund (LRTF), and recommendations on how to improve such visibility.


EvalRef 2015-M-1116, Evaluation contract C-353370, Evaluated references C-238644, D-21344
Publication date
2 October 2015
Directorate-General for International Partnerships


The report is divided into two parts: Evaluation and Recommendations.

The evaluation of the visibility procedures and achievements of the Delegation in its normal activities as well as the evaluation of the visibility achievements of the projects, which was conducted by assessing their effectiveness by means of field visits and interviews with selected informants.

The recommendations describe which visibility actions/instruments would be more appropriate to enhance the visibility of the present projects with a view to similar projects in Liberia, as well as the visibility of the Delegation’s work in general.

Besides this concise report on the visibility results of the LRTF, evaluators provide recommendations on how the visibility of the EU can be improved in Liberia and describe 4 main actions specifically designed as a support of the visibility of the ongoing LRTF project. It also provides suggestions aimed at improving the general perception of the EU in Liberia.


2 OCTOBER 2015
Evaluation of EU Visibility in LRTF (2015)