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International Partnerships

Final Evaluation of Milange Mocuba Phase I and Phase II (2020)

Overall independent assessment of the past performance of the program Upgrading Milange-Mocuba Road (Phase I and II)


EvalRef 2020-F-1282, Evaluation contract C-410920, Evaluated references D-20977, D-23473
Publication date
4 June 2020
Directorate-General for International Partnerships


The focus of this evaluation is on the assessment of achievements, the quality, and the results of Actions in the context of an evolving cooperation policy with an increasing emphasis on result-oriented approaches and the contribution towards the implementation of the SDG.

Understanding that the main users of this evaluation will be the EU Delegation to Mozambique, the National Authorising Officer (NAO), the Road Fund (FE) and the National Road Administration (ANE).

This assessment collected evidence of why, whether or how these results are linked to the EU intervention and seek to identify the factors driving or hindering progress. Provides an understanding of the cause and effect links between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts, and serves accountability, decision making, learning and management purposes.


4 JUNE 2020
Final Evaluation of Milange Mocuba Phase I and Phase II (2020)