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International Partnerships

Mid-Term avaluation FRESAN Camões (2021)

The Project evaluated is the Delegated Agreement with the Camões I.P. concerning the implementation of the Programme “Strengthening Resilience and Food and Nutrition Security in Angola” by mitigating the results of extreme climate events. 


EvalRef 2021-M-2795, Evaluation contract C-423913, Evaluated references C-389710
Publication date
1 December 2021
Directorate-General for International Partnerships


The Project has a budget of EUR 48.6 M. out of the total amount of EUR 65 M. foreseen for the overall FRESAN Programme. The Project aims to introduce and promote activities geared to protect the subsistence and livelihoods of the population of Angola´s Southwest provinces: Huila, Cunene and Namibe. It involves support to provincial authorities and local communities and civil society organisations via matching grants, through an integrated approach to combat paramount problems related to human survival: agriculture and nutrition.

The Project intervenes at different strategic levels through 3 components: Increase production ; Nutritionand Governmental Institutions capacities and coordination.
The EUD delegated the implementation of the Project to Camões I.P. of the Portuguese Cooperation, who is implementing it through a PMU (hereafter referred to UIC “Unidade de Implementação do Camões”) based in Lubango (Huila) as its “central office”, and 2 provincial offices covering Namibe and Cunene for operational implementation activities. The UIC is expected to provide overall management, coordination and the necessary technical support to Angolan partners to implement all 3 above-mentioned components. Two other agreements established under complementary contributions modality were signed between EUD with FAO and EUD with UNDP. FAO is responsible for the Farmer Field Schools (Component I) and UNDP is in charge of the Disaster Risk Management System (Component III).


Mid-Term avaluation FRESAN Camões (2021)