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International Partnerships

Global Europe - Programming

Programming is the process through which the EU defines its medium and long-term international cooperation priorities. Global Europe programming started in November 2020 and was concluded in December 2021 following the adoption by the European Commission of country, regional, ERASMUS+ and thematic multi-annual indicative programmes (MIPs).

The EU has defined its priority areas and specific objectives for the period 2021-2027 with each partner country and region. This inclusive process is achieved through dialogue with partner countries, EU Member States, civil society organisations, women and youth organisations, local authorities, private sector, the UN and other donors and key stakeholders. MIPs also contain indicative financial allocations as well as results and indicators (with baseline and targets) to measure EU intervention effectiveness.

All country and regional MIPs for Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific and the Americas and the Caribbean, adopted by the European Commission are public documents and can be consulted below. Finally ERASMUS+ MIP and thematic MIPs financed by Global Europe are also made available below.

Each year, the European Commission will adopt Annual Action Plans setting out the implementation of these programmes.

Geographic multi-annual indicative programmes (MIPs)