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International Partnerships

BRiCE - Building Resilience: education opportunities in fragile and crisis affected environments

The BRiCE programme targets children living in crisis situations who face a higher risk of being left behind.

About the 'BRiCE' Programme

Millions of children are denied access to quality education due to conflicts, forced displacement, violence, climate change and disasters.

The EU has launched the 'Building Resilience: Education Opportunities in Fragile and Crisis Affected Environments (BRiCE) Programme' to help 75 million children living in crisis-affected countries who are in need educational support.

Working in cooperation with NGOs, BRiCE provides quality education and safe learning environments to almost 200,000 displaced children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Niger, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, there are almost 100,000 out-of-school children, including refugee children. Catch-up centres do not exist or do not function properly, leaving children and youth highly exposed to exploitation and abuse.


The BRiCE project, led by the Norwegian Refugee Council, provides

  • learning opportunities for 1,260 vulnerable children aged 0-6 (50% girls) not currently attending early childhood care and development programmes
  • education for 7,200 out-of-school children aged 6-17 (50% girls) who could no longer enroll in formal primary education
  • arts-based life skills programmes for 11,250 children to help them develop social and emotional skills, to overcome trauma, and to have improved relationships with peers and adults

Key information

Total budget
€24 000 000

EU contribution
€19 200 000

March 2018 to February 2022

Implementing partners
Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam Ibis, Plan International UK, Save the Children