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International Partnerships


The EU has been a major development partner of Cambodia since the early 1990s. We have funded initiatives in sectors such as education, agriculture, public financial management and trade-related assistance, which have benefited millions of Cambodians.

Our priorities

There are 3 priority areas for EU cooperation with Cambodia during the period 2021-2027. These are

  • green growth and decent jobs
  • education and skills
  • good governance

In the 2021-2024 period, the EU will commit €62 million (40%) to the first of these, €48 million (31%) to the second and €37 million (24%) to the third. A further €8 million (5%) has been allocated to support measures.

The overarching aim of this support is to promote Cambodia’s connectivity to ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Our programmes

Green growth and decent jobs

This priority area has 2 main objectives. The first is to helpbuild sustainable food systems, where the emphasis is on nature-positive food production. The second objective is to promote sustainable value chains,where the emphasis is on improving integration with regional and international markets, especially in the food sector with greener products.

Education and skills development

The first objective under this priority is to promote inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. The second is to increase the number of youth and adults with relevant skills for decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Good governance

Programmes in this area target 2 elements: government and civil society, and the trade and business climate. The objectives of government and civil society programmes are to improve and reform public finance management and strengthen the rule of law. Under the trade and business climate element, the objective is to improve trade facilitation, including customs and standards.

Support measures and Team Europe initiatives

There are 2 suggested Team Europe Initiatives

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