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International Partnerships

Global Gateway in Sub-Saharan Africa

We implement Global Gateway through regional and country initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa that have results with a transformative impact.

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Global Gateway in Sub-Saharan Africa (33)

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Africa Europe Digital Innovation Bridge

The initiative supports partner countries to strengthen their digital and innovation ecosystems and promote intercontinental cooperation between stakeholders in Africa and Europe. The ultimate vision is to establish a single market for digital innovation between both continents.

Africa-Europe Green Energy

This Team Europe Initiative aims to engage European and African public and private sector actors to increase electricity production and access to energy, promote energy efficiency, support reforms for a conducive regulatory environment for private investment, and foster market integration.

AU-EU Innovation Agenda

The objectives are to translate innovative capacities and results into tangible outputs, strengthen innovation ecosystems, develop sustainable and mutually beneficial higher education and R&I partnerships, and scale up instruments and programmes that can take forward existing successful initiatives.


Bio2Watt is a waste to value project in South Africa, which will expand to Mozambique and Uganda. Bio2Watt plants treat animal waste and other waste sources to reduce biogas. This creates a biobased energy source, captures and limits methane emissions and reduces the pollution of water resources.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Africa

The Team Europe Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience will bring together existing and new climate change adaptation programmes of over €1 billion and leverage its impact by improved coordination and a reinforced policy dialogue on adaptation between the EU and AU.

Djibouti second airport development project

In 2023 the remaining funds from the Fonds d’études et d’aide au secteur privé (FASEP) will be used to finance the completion of feasibility studies and allow for a roundtable of potential donors.

e-Youth in Mozambique

Activities will start under VaMoz Digital in 2023. The project strengthens inclusive digital ecosystems, enhances digital literacy and skills for youth, particularly for girls and those living in vulnerable situations. It provides incubation and acceleration of sustainable digital start-ups.

EU-Africa partnership in Space and Earth Observation

The partnership will strengthen capacities in using space data and technologies, provide services that can help tackle environmental challenges and give a boost to space businesses. The EU will support the access and use of earth observation data in Africa by leveraging the EU space programme.

EU-AU Data Flagship

The EU-AU Data Flagship will support the development of Green Data Centres, with the aim to support Africa in building a data economy and foresting its data sovereignty through secure data storage and processing capacities.