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International Partnerships


Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa with a history of political instability since its independence in 1973.

The economy is based mainly on agriculture and fisheries, and to some extent on forestry and livestock. Guinea-Bissau is highly vulnerable to the impact of global climate change.

Promoting the poultry sector in Guinea-Bissau


    Our priorities

    The EU has been involved in initiatives in collaboration with civil society  and international agencies in the areas of rural development, environment, health, justice, and security as well as public finance management. Based on these experiences, 3 areas of priority have been identified for future support:

    • Human development
    • Green and inclusive economy
    • Good governance and stability

    Although these areas are associated with specific problems, they can potentially open a road towards more sustainable development. For example, the infant mortality rate was among the highest in the world, but the country has made significant progress in this area in the past 4 years. Moreover, there is considerable potential to develop the agribusiness and fisheries sectors.

    Our programmes

    It is intended that the following activities will be supported in the next period:

    Human development – we will aim to support recent achievements in maternal and child health and support the transition to a universal health coverage system. We will also focus on supporting the Education and TVET sectors, especially in relation to youth and women’s employability.

    Green and inclusive development – here we will aim to support national programmes on urban development that promote urban planning and inclusiveness and to improve municipal and local services management. In addition, we will invest in sustainable and quality agribusiness and fisheries. This support will take the form of applied research and vocational training.

    Good governance and stability – here the emphasis will be on combating trafficking, organised crime, and corruption; facilitating access to justice and protection of human rights for all; and developing transparent and accountable economic governance.

    Support measures and Team Europe Initiatives

    Proposals in this area focus on education and training towards an inclusive Green Transition and on support for the development of Inclusive and Green cities.

    Proposed support measures include supporting Civil Society Organisations to have a more active voice in the governance process (currently they are heavily engaged in service provision), especially in relation to disadvantaged groups.


    8 MARS 2022
    Multiannual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 for Guinea-Bissau - annex
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    26 MAJ 2023
    Individual measure 2023 for Guinea-Bissau
    (837.69 KB - ZIP)
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    12 DECEMBER 2022
    Annual action plan 2022 for Guinea-Bissau
    (2.28 MB - ZIP)
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    16 DECEMBER 2021
    Annual action plan 2021 for Guinea-Bissau
    (1001.81 KB - ZIP)
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    4 JULI 2016
    Programming documents 2014-2020 for Guinea-Bissau
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